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Lin Paruna Rio D'Naoro by ME-B Lin Paruna Rio D'Naoro by ME-B

I've had about three to four different drafts of this portrait before I settle on a pose I liked, but when I finally settled it took less than a week to finish.(I'll admit, I didn't intend the pose to be so subtly flirty and pin-up-ish, but I soothed my conscience when I figured that I wouldn't have felt as dubious if he had been a female character. I figured you all could survive with a little male pin-up in your lives.) No, the real problem was the bio itself.

I have literally been writing this thing for about a year and a half. I don't know what took me so long to finish it, but now it's finished and I'm okay with that.

So. Anyway. Enter Rio! :meow:


Name: Lin Paruna Rio D'Naoro

Gender: Male

Age: 58

Race: Giant Neko (Paruna)

Height: 147'

Rio comes from a breed of neko that, while not being native to Felarya, is spread among many other worlds besides. They are a strong, healthy bodied people, and Rio is a fine testament to his heritage. Exceptionally tall (in proportion to his race) his maturing body is finely corded and toned with brick-hard muscle. His darker toned skin is thick and resilient; his hair is long, black, slightly wavy, and was often pulled back into a tight braid before he came to Felarya (he now only cares to tie it back in a loose ponytail). His stands on digitigrade feet that resemble feline hind paws, the fur extending to midcalf-- he has some fur on his forearms, and when he grows older, he will eventually grow a mane that encircles his neck, extending to the middle of his chest (he already has a tuft growing in that area). Rio's eyes are bright yellow, with round orange pupils instead of vertical.

Rio's breed is built for strength and endurance, and his tribe in particular coveted those who possessed spectacular feats of brute force. As prince of this tribe, it was expected of Rio to be the largest, strongest, and fastest; basically the cream of the crop of his generation. He rose to the challenge spectacularly, which shaped him into one of the more formidable Giant predators. He's a fearsome hunter and fierce sword fighter; he's agile and quick on his feet; he seems to always be on an adrenaline high, his muscles and movements careful and on high alert He's capable of taking three full grown kenshas head-on, and has even had the misfortune to undergo the experience;although, to be fair, this has left him with a huge scar smack dab across his chest, testament to a deep gash one of the kenshas inflicted during the battle.

Normally, Rio would wear clothing; sky blue and yellow robes, along with brass anklets, a set of beads, and a brass circlet for his hair-- all symbols of his status as prince of his tribe. However, it soon became apparent that to wear so much “clutter” while trekking through a jungle was incredibly impractical, so now Rio only goes around in a knotted leather loincloth, carrying his belongings in a small, unobtrusive sac. He also wears a belt for his dirk sheath, the only other accessory he keeps on his person at all times. In many ways, the dirk is his most prized possession (he’s very skilled with it, being quick and nimble enough to use it one on one with a sword user) as it was granted by the Grand Matriarch of his tribe, and blessed by his father, the Grand Patriarch.

Rio is a strictly non-magical individual and, interestingly enough, even repels magical contamination to a certain extent. How he has this ability is a mystery, as it’s not a racial trait. The range and specifics of this resistance are untested for the moment, and it's not quite certain if he is resistant to ALL types of magic *as in, whether he's resistant to Rule-Based magic as apposed to Wild Magic, etc,etc* . Whatever the case, any magic based attack Rio has so far encountered has a reduced effect on him, with lower grade magical attacks having next to no affect at all. Even magically influenced forces of nature—such as Tara’s sound magic, which are not magically generated sound waves but sound waves manipulated by magic—aren’t as potent. While this gives him a slight advantage over magically oriented foes, such as fairies, it also presents a severe weakness.

Since Rio seems to be resistant to many types of stable magic and magical substances, the healing properties of the Felaryan soil have next-to-no affect on him. In a world such as Felarya, this is a serious disadvantage; already Rio has suffered at the claws of danger, and while he’s slow to scar, his collection is becoming larger and more diverse by the day.

Adversely, this may also have an effect on Rio’s age progression, and he may very well be one of the extremely few creatures on Felarya who is capable of dying from old age. It’s unknown if Rio’s resistant nature will fade over the course of his exposure to Felaryan soil; while he belongs to a generally long-lived race, it may be several centuries before he stops aging, and it’s dubious if his resistance will ever abate…

Not a particularly voracious individual, Rio’s omnivorous by nature, usually eating to keep strong and healthy and rarely for pleasure or frivolous behavior. His diet ranges from various plants, fruits, and animalistic herbivores and predators of all kinds. Even with his bigot views, he seems to abstain from hunting other Giant hybrids.

Interestingly enough, on Rio’s home world of Paruna live “tinies”, or rather, humanoids of much the same stature as an average human. While the sight of them is common from his world and he’s comfortable with their presence, Rio only acknowledges smaller life forms as nothing more than vermin. Tara’s personal food choice for humans and smaller life forms never ceases to confuse him, slightly nauseate him, and also leave him vaguely curious—he finds the practice as outlandish and somewhat gross and we would find a peasant eating the rats that skitter across the floor of their cottage. Nevertheless, whenever Rio comes across a small humanoid and he knows Tara’s peckish, he’ll save them for her.

He still insists that red meat is better for her diet, and constantly invites her to share in his meals, although he’s yet gotten past her aversion for biting things…

Extremely focused, intense, and somewhat militaristic in outlook, Rio’s nerves have taken a dramatic pounding ever since he first stepped foot on Felaryan soil (almost literally). His usually calm demeanor is overshadowed by his overpowering instinct to protect himself, and it’s rare to see him in a relaxed state. Rio is not a violent person by nature, but his paranoia has spiked considerably and, more often than not, a surprise glomp can be construed as a plot on is life (not that many people would want to glomp him, but that’s beside the point). He’s so tense, it’s hard for him to even sleep at night, and his passionate suspicion and raging testosterone is prone to make him an extremely dangerous foe if he’s ever snuck upon.

It’s difficult to find a friend in Rio, at least if you’re a native born Felaryan. He has some trouble thinking of many of the hybrid species of Felarya—such as nagas, dridders, and harpies, to name a few-- as anything more than exotic creatures at best, and gruesome, malformed mutants at worst. He still feels slight surprise that all of the “creatures” he’s met so far has demonstrated the power of speech. Even though he’s slowly gotten the memo that the hybrids are “people”, his extreme specist views still leave him feeling racial supremacy over most, if not all, of the people he meets. Tauric creatures are strictly lower creatures. Beings such as giant elves, giants, and some fairies rate higher on his scale, although his condescending demeanor is still evident. Even other species of neko aren’t totally immune to his racial criticism, although their conversations may be slightly more pleasant.

The kind of authority, pressure, and mental programming Rio has been under since his birth is staggering. It seemed everything he did under the scrutiny of his tribe, his leaders, and his prospective mate was critiqued and questioned, and if he ever displayed an attitude that didn’t conform to tribal paradigm and expectations, it was quickly repressed or stamped out of his psyche. As such, many of his opinions are based off tribal standards, not his own; if Rio ever considers something outside of that standard, he feels particularly guilt-ridden and quickly ignores personal opinion. It’s interesting to note that it’s possible Rio’s subconscious has lead him to follow his own decision to travel to the Felaryan jungles to escape the judging scrutiny of his tribe. Whatever the case, it seems as though Rio’s doing a lot of exploring is own free will as well as the Felaryan landscape.

At heart, Rio can be a rather laid-back person, preferring to keep the peace and willing to do anything to protect that. His passion-- when not being applied to his intense paranoia-- is directed toward his burning curiosity toward the beautiful, diverse world he’s stumbled upon. The gruesome stories told by his elders clash with his actual discoveries and, though he may not admit it, he’s beginning to appreciate this strange ghost planet, even like it somewhat. The compassionate side of Rio—a side that was scorned and abused by his ex-fiancé—is something he’s not comfortable with, and he has trouble displaying such acts of affection without recoil. Likewise, the strict mania for censorship and modesty in his tribe has left Rio with almost no understanding of his own sexuality, or even some of the finer points of close intimate contact. With all the nude men and women running around, as well as the rather relaxed and comfortable atmosphere being portrayed, Rio’s mind is being torn in a thousand different directions and impulses he’s not too sure how to cope with…(it’s very likely he’ll die of bloodloss *cough*nosebleeds*cough* ;) )

In short: A tense, rather racist individual who’s on the quest of discovering the world he’s stumbled upon—as well as his own self.

Rio is under the curious circumstance of being completely oblivious to his own preferences. When he finds out what he likes and hates, we’ll let you know.

There are many worlds that find themselves linked to Felarya at one time or another, whether it be by pure lucky chance or by the way stable dimensional “bridges” that link Felarya’s plane to theirs. There are also other universes that link up to Felarya on a largely consistent basis, but usually for a limited time at each session. (More Info Here: [link] )The planet of Paruna is one of these planes of existences.

The reason why this somewhat backwards planet has a stable wormhole to Felarya is a mystery; it may be the residue of voodoo magics wrought by powerful magicians many eons earlier, or maybe just another one of those strains of pure, innocent luck. Whatever the case, Paruna is linked to Felarya by a dimensional bridge that fluxes in its stability, becoming stable and fully functional every some 100 years for a varying amount of time, whether it be for a week or several months at a time.

The residences of the certain continent who live by this dimensional phenomenon have become well acquainted with the fact that, with every turn of the century, a piece of forest mutates into something dark and sinister, where strange half-beasts and detestable fauna plague their fair jungles for an indeterminate amount of time. However, while they know what to expect every 100 years, they remain ignorant of the reasoning behind the phenomenon, and even after thousands of years of cultural evolution and worldly knowledge and wisdom they still wholeheartedly believe that that particular piece of jungle (now known as the Forbidden Place) is beleaguered with demons and curses of all kinds. They keep well enough away from the place.

Rio grew up as prince of this clan, which is the most rich and powerful clan on the planet—perhaps, even on the world of Paruna. It’s their tongue that is commonly spoken and their customs that are largely practiced throughout the land (hell, the planet itself is named after the Paruna clan), and because of the certain level of reverence that is shown to full blooded members of this tribe, they also hold a certain type of arrogance and pride for their bloodline. They keep the best of the best, and if you were the unlucky soul who brings shame to the clan of Paruna, you will live in eternal humiliation and pain.

Rio turned out to be an exceptional prince to the eye of the outsider. He was well educated, highly intelligent, superior in strength class and agility, and an accomplished swordsman; any pain, trial, or tribulation that it took to get to this coveted state was a private matter. His bloodline was prestigious and regal, and he had the hand of the fair and powerful Ran Desne in engagement. He seemed like the ideal heir to the Grand Patriarch, and when it was announced that the Sun Prince intended to explore the Forbidden Place before his marriage, it sparked outrage. He was too precious to risk in those cursed lands. It was a freakish place with freakish beasts, and the pelt of the abominable woman fused to the body of a jungle cat that wandered into the tribal lands 100 years ago was shown to him to underline the danger of this venture.

The Sun Prince refused to listen. Even when his bride-to-be expressed fury with is intention, he trudged on with his decision to enter the Forbidden Place and satiate his curiosity. His reasons seemed fair (“I am not a coward to hide behind superstitions and obsolete traditions! I will see for myself what is beyond the Forbidden Place, and I will return alive, whole, and unblemished!) but they also sounded like a lie to the ears of his clansmen. They had no choice but to watch their prince enter the darkened jungle with nothing but the clothes on his back and the circlet on his brow, and the dirk carved from the bones of the woman-cat that had so obliviously stumbled into the clan’s line of sight.

Unbeknownst to Rio, the portal was just beginning to open as he began his trek to the Forbidden Place.

His story thence forth.

(Cookie, son :cookie: :icondatassplz: )
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dragon808tr Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
rikufangirl9 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
I love his bio!!! I always loved the way you draw your characters with each different emotions!!
MetalNazo Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
So this is the story behind Rio, didn't think he was a bit of a jerk oh well good job making him.

I look forward to seeing how he came to know Tara.
TheLightLost Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist
Oh my. Nice work on the bio and the artwork. ( o.o)
SimonLorimer Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist
Big fan of both the art and the bio here! I like his magical-resistant nature, with all the associated pros and cons that has. The fact that he may well be susceptible to dying of old age is particularly interesting :) The picture's great too - I love the contrast between the bold shadowing on him and the bright background. Looking forward to seeing what more you do with this character! :D
Autumnology Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
MidniteLiquid Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very hot guy in a seductive pose. Nice work!
ME-B Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I didn't -- really-- originally design him to be attractive at all. I wanted to portray him as a reflection of his personality; brutal and utilitarian; a survivor. Also, I wanted to put elements of the panther in his design, as a compliment to my other characters.

But then this happened and I'm happy with it anyway.
MidniteLiquid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If you think about it though, you did manage to capture all that you were originally aiming to, but these things have a unique attractiveness and thus seduction of their own.

Again, a very good piece and very complex piece. Great work. :)
Moonlight-pendent13 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Everyone is just jealous of his chest hair.
ME-B Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
IKR?? It's impeccable.

*unintended pun*
AzureJass Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am not a huge Nekos fan , but I think it's a really good bio, lots of detail you got for him :)
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